Post 5 – #30DaysofKindness

Posted on December 2, 2012


In our previous lecture for Marketing New Tools, we discussed our initiative to pass on Random Acts of Kindness (RAK). This all reminds me of the film Pay It Forward with Haley Joel Osment, which also integrates the RAK concept.

The #30DaysOfKindness challenge is being lead by Marc Smith in British Columbia, who is encouraging and spreading the message for others to perform an act of kindness in their community. He’s involving individuals, social groups and organizations to participate, and has been using social media tools to convey his message including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. As you can see on his website, registering for a Random Act of Kindness is absolutely free.

Thank Yous

Although I have plenty of ideas to list for my own way to participate in this event, I feel most compelled to discuss the RAK’s I have experienced and I want to thank the people who’ve made a difference for me this past week.

It kind of goes without saying but my greatest thank you would of course go to my mom for her incredible, unconditional love for me. Thanks for the hugs when I’m sad, cups of tea when I’m sick….I’m in tears now just thinking of all the things that I could thank you for. A mom knows just what to do to make their child feel safe and loved. I also want to thank my mom for making me my favourite foods (that was some good French toast and fried bananas this week!).

mom and me

Kudos to the woman at my neighbourhood community centre who baked the most delicious treats and gave them all out for free with such generosity and genuine joy. Her chocolate rum brownies were fabulous! It seems like I am most appreciative of those who offer desserts ;).

Thanks Sam for surprising me with an early Christmas gift! It really caught me off guard, especially because I was feeling all stressed about the final exam we were about to do. It actually   made my day so much brighter, you’re so sweet! I’ll be sure to pass on Olivia’s present too, she’ll love it!

Speaking of my best friend Olivia, thanks for all your love and support, even when you’re miles and miles away (in France)! Thanks for sharing moments of laughs and tears and being a person I could confide to about anything. Our last Skype conversation was just what I needed to bring some light into my day. Even a nice chat with someone can be a Random Act of Kindness.

Moments of RAK may not even happen between you and someone you meet in person. Just the other night, I called Scotiabank’s hotline to ask a few questions about their online service and I was on the phone with the most helpful customer service representative I’ve ever met. She was so patient and friendly and I could tell that she really wanted to help me. I doubt Scotiabank has the whole #30DaysofKindness concept in mind, but that one representative sure acted like she did.

Business Implications

If businesses managed to perform more RAKs, then there would be a lot more happy customers like myself. This creates positive word of mouth for businesses and even fosters motivation and productivity for the staff. Businesswoman and Forbes contributor, Natalie Peace, believes that it can lead to a more profitable business as well.

All of this talk about kindness makes me believe it should be #365DaysofKindness!